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What is an EPS-9 Line?

EPS 9 and EPS 8 lines now often referred to as Baseband Standard or Baseband Premium line is a circuit that is run over a pair of copper analogue (PSTN) telephone cables. These cables go from the customer site location to the local telephone exchange that is then routed back via an additional pair of copper telephone cables to the customers second site location or service provider.

What Service Level Agreement (SLA) does EPS 9 have?

EPS 9 circuits comes with a standard 5 days a week Monday - Friday, normal office hours with a BT 4 hour response SLA. This SLA can be upgraded to a 24 x 7 x 4 hour response with BT as an additional extra.

What hardware does EPS Lines require?

You will require 2 Line Drivers for each end of the EPS9 circuit. The Line Drivers denote the speed of the line, but this is dependent on the quality of the copper and distance, as the EPS 9 can suffer from line degradation. Having for example 2.3Mb line drivers will allow you to pipe-burst up to 2Mb as and when required for faster transit speeds on your data transfer.

The 2.3Mb line drivers present at the customers site with a fast Ethernet presentation, this means your business wont require a router as the fast Ethernet can be terminated directly into a firewall.

What can I use an EPS-9 or EPS-8 Line for?

You can use an EPS-9 Line for connecting two locations together for data that are on the same telephone exchange. If your office locations are on different exchanges then this is not the product for you. You can also use them to provision an Internet facing pipe if you are on the same telephone exchange as your service provider. However all users of this technology must be aware that as long as BT can get 64Kbs out of your line they won't log a fault. Their have been many reported cases of companies receiving 1Mbs or 2Mbs for a period of time and then suddenly dropping down to 64Kbs but unfortunately its tough luck.